My Real Life Tryst with Humanity Help

Jeremy's camera (193)It was just another hectic morning when I had to rush my son to the Montessori. Walking down the footpath, I saw a man bent down with age, impoverished with hunger, having a white beard and wearing a partially torn shirt feeding a blind child out of a bowl with his finger. The blind child sat happily eating the little, the meal finishing all too quickly. At the end of the meal, the old man wiped the face of the child with the care that till then I believed that only a mother could give.

The duo then rose from the footpath with the old man holding the hands of the blind boy and walked slowly away from me with a begging bowl in hand. The same scene continued to for about a month almost becoming a normal part of my morning rush to the Montessori with my son. But then suddenly one day, I did not see them anymore. I looked at my watch and then looked around to see if they were seated somewhere else.

A couple of weeks passed I did not spot them again. It was then I was compelled to make inquiries about the hungry, poor duo. A shopkeeper that at times gave them something to eat told me that he had informed an active member who took care of such people about their presence there. I asked the shopkeeper for the details, but all he could give me was Shelly’s phone number. That evening I called her and asked her about the old man and the blind boy. She told me that they were safe in the home and invited me to come over and meet them.

Shelly came and met the old man and learned that he had found the blind boy abandoned as a child on the railway platform one day as he alighted from a train begging. Ever since then he has taken care of the baby boy who is now about 7 to 8 years old. Shelly convinced the old man to accompany her to a home that shelters the old and the abandoned.

It was then that I learned about the organization Humanity Help Foundation and its mission to fight hunger and poverty. It was at their office that I came across benefactors that regularly donated for the cause and came to meet the people that they helped. My contribution was a tiny drop of water in the ocean, but Shelly assured me that it was these drops that finally make the large water bodies. I have narrated this real life incident many times to my friends and acquaintances, and everyone was only happy to donate something that made them feel good and more human.

Guest Author speaks: I am proud of my association with Humanity Help Foundation that is working in several parts of the world. The main mission is to give people a life of dignity by providing them the necessary food and shelter. Benefactors are proud to be a part of this mission and feel inspired to give as much as they can by way of donations.


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