Interesting Bathroom Renovation Tips

bathroom-1085991_1920.pngBathroom renovation is always a profitable home improvement project because it can provide several benefits to a homeowner. It involves a lot of upgradations like replacing old windows, shower curtains, tiles, bath tubs, etc. Thus, a substantial amount of pre planning is necessary before initiating a full-fledged bathroom renovation project.

Have a look at some effective tips that have been bundled up together by experts –

bathroom_floor_converted.jpg1. Use good and quality flooring- Flooring is the basic foundation of every bathroom and therefore, it must be durable and sturdy. Thus, it is vital to choose a quality and strong flooring option that has the ability to withstand heavy furnishings like toilets, tubs, vanities, etc. in addition to water and frequent foot traffic. Marble and ceramic tiles are generally recommended as ideal bathroom flooring materials.

Bathroom_light_converted.jpg2. Sufficient light – Proper lighting can make your bathroom look inviting and classy. If you have a small bathroom space, then you have to install extra lights. Using plenty of lighting can bring a sparkling effect to the overall space. However, if in any case you need to control the intensity of illumination, then it is suggested to install a dimmer.

doll-house-1473991_1280_converted3. Right bath tub – The two most important components that you need to look at while selecting a bath tub is its length and depth. Deeper tubs are relatively more tempting than the ones which are 60 inch deep. But depending on your needs and requirements, select the right type of bath tub and purchase it before starting the renovation process.

Shower_space_converted.jpg4. Re-estimate the shower space – One of the most crucial areas of your bathroom is the shower space. Thus, re-evaluate the area properly and decide whether you want to install a frameless or semi-framed shower screen in the place. Find a professional in Coolum who can supply products according to your needs and preferences.

Well Decorated bathroom5. Don’t spend too much on decor – Attractive decorative items can really brighten up the overall look of your bathroom area. But it is strictly advised to not spend a huge amount of money on them. Remember that you are going to renovate your bathroom and not your living room! So create a sophisticated and stylish look by placing appropriate and usable items, rather than stuffing the place with unnecessary embellishments.

All the aforementioned tips will help you to renovate your bathroom successfully.

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