Prepping For Christmas? Follow These Electrical Safety Measures


Once again, that time of the year is quickly approaching when Melbourne will be decorated in the colours of Christmas. And with the city getting a makeover of vibrant lights, bright displays and spectacularly embellished trees, you obviously wouldn’t be resting until your own residence looks just as beautiful as the rest of your neighbourhood. However, in the middle of putting up jolly embellishments, you must prioritise certain safety tips, among which those pertaining to electricity are perhaps the most important.

So here are some vital electrical safety precautions that you can observe while prepping up for the holidays:

Get Decorations From Reliable Places

When you go around shopping for Christmas decorations, make sure that you choose only reliable stores to buy them from. Also, the products which you purchase must be certified as safe for domestic use. Don’t put your home at risk by settling for cheap, non-certified items. Your top priority should be buying quality products from trusted brands.

Inspect Before Use

Before using any decorating essential, inspect it carefully for loose connection, frayed cord, bare wire or damaged plug. A faulty decorative light can trigger short circuits, overloading, or even create a fire hazard. Therefore, checking each and every fixture prior to usage is a must.

Plan How You Will Decorate

In order to ensure that the decoration essentials are set up properly, a significant amount of pre-planning is important. Consider the location of sockets in your house and the number of embellishments you will be using. Do not overload any outlet or string together over 3 sets of lights. There should not be any heat source in close proximity of the decorations.

Switch Off When Not Using

When you are about to leave the house or go to bed, switch off all the electrical embellishments to prevent the risk of electrocution or fire accidents. And this applies to decorations that you have used inside as well as outside the house.

Contact Professionals During Emergency

Last but not the least, don’t forget to have the details of a good local electrician saved in your contact list. There are many a reputed electrician in Epping, Australia, so make sure you keep the details of one ready in case of emergencies.

Christmas is a time for having lots of fun with family and friends. So follow these tips to keep yourself as well as others safe during the holidays and have a fantastic time with everyone.

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