Hydrotherapy During Pregnancy & Labour


Before you decide whether want to opt for hydrotherapy during pregnancy or not, you must understand what it actually means. Generally, any kind of massage treatment that involves usage of water is hydrotherapy.

Many doctors firmly believe any expectant mother can benefit significantly from usage of hydrotherapy throughout her term. This is primarily due to the fact that the physiological response of a pregnant woman’s body to water induces the following:

  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from body aches
  • Reduced labour and delivery pain

As per your symptoms during your pregnancy, you can use the healing powers of water in a plethora of ways. The most effective method is to soak inside a hydrotherapy bath. There are some reputed businesses that distribute Australian-made hydrotherapy walk in baths. All you need to do is purchase one of those products – it would come pre-equipped with hot water jets and head & seat cushions. You can use aromatherapy oils while taking baths, but make sure to purchase them only under the guidance of your doctor.

hydrotherapy-sessions-at-homeWhen you are getting ready for a hydrotherapy bath at home, make sure the water you will be using is soothingly warm. Hot water can cause the temperature of your body to shift out of the normal range, and is not at all safe for your baby. This is one of the many reasons doctors strictly prohibit the usage of jacuzzi when pregnant.

Another effective hydrotherapy technique of spraying cold water on the face is effective during labour and can help you to stay calm & concentrate better. Also, a cold compress placed on the neck may assist in keeping your breathing deep and steady, which, in turn, would reduce exhaustion. On the other hand, a warm one on your lower back would relax your pelvic muscles between contractions.

benefits-of-hydrotherapySome women have so deep faith in the benefits of hydrotherapy that they spend a significant amount of their labour time immersed in warm or cool water. There are also a handful who have reportedly delivered in water. This is because staying in water during delivery reduces pressure on the spine and opens up the pelvis. Besides that, there is no need to worry about maintaining the right posture. Since the body becomes decompressed in water, it ultimately reduces the pain triggered by contractions. In addition to that, stress on the perineum becomes less too. But such a procedure requires preparation & doctor’s permission, and has to be performed by a licensed expert.

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