Party Ideas To Celebrate Your Sister’s 18th Birthday

Party Ideas To Celebrate Your Sister’s 18th Birthday.jpg

Is your sweet and beloved sister going to turn 18 soon? Then you know you must start planning everything you need to make her feel special on the big day. Of course, you might have thought about hosting a party because organising one is always fun and exciting. But what will the theme of that bash be? To decide that, the first thing that you have to do is consider your sibling’s personality carefully. Recall what she likes & dislikes, and what are her favourites. Doing so will not only help you to choose an ideal girl’s birthday cake in Brisbane, but also aid in determining the kind of party you should plan.

Here are some party ideas that you can pick from:

Dress Up Bash

Dress Up Bash.jpg

Most teenage girls like dress up parties, and your sister is going to love one if she has a crazy and wild personality. In case you can’t handle the organising part alone, then ask for help from her best friend. Choose party decors, drinks and foods accordingly. Include a lot of teen pop songs in your music playlist.

Mad Hatter Tea

Mad Hatter Tea.jpg

Is your sister a bookworm and into classic novels? Then plan a tea party just like the one featured in Alice In Wonderland. Although the organisation may need some serious elbow grease, it would be worthwhile once the whimsical setting has been achieved. Accentuate using playing cards, mad hatter hat, tea cups, vintage keys and flowers. You can even send themed invitations to the guests.

Crafts Delight

Crafts Delight.jpg

With a crafts party, you are bound to impress a creative and imaginative sister. Besides that, the invitees will have plenty of things to keep themselves entertained with. There are various activities that you can include in the bash, such as paper crafts, nature crafts, custom shirt making, bead crafts, weaving, etc. But don’t forget the cake, food and drinks amidst all the fun.

Outdoor Movie Fun

Outdoor Movie Fun.jpg

This one is rather easy to organise – all you need is some good speakers, a home projector, pillows, blankets and of course, a movie that your sister is crazy for. Spread mats or rugs in the place where everyone will sit. Make sure there is enough popcorn for all. The movie can be watched either before or after cutting the cake.

Use any of these party ideas to make your sister’s 18th birthday celebrations exciting and indelible.

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