Call An Electrician If You Notice These At Home


It does not matter if your house is old or new, electrical problems can arise at anyplace and anytime. But before they do, there are always warning signs which indicate that something is wrong. Being able to recognise those symptoms can help a lot in preventing electrical mishaps like electrocution and power outage.

Some common electrical problem symptoms have been explained below in detail. If you notice them at your home, get in touch with a reputed provider of residential electrical services in Craigieburn as soon as possible:

mild-electrical-shocksMild Electrical Shocks

Have you ever felt a mild tingle or shock when handling an electrical appliance? It can mean that the appliance has a ground fault or there is something wrong with its wiring. Make sure you take the issue seriously and have it addressed before the situation goes out of control.

burning-smells-or-sparksBurning Smells Or Sparks

In case any of the switches or power outlets in your house is emitting a burning smell, deactivate the power directly from the electrical panel and get professional help. The cause of the odour can be overloading, wiring issue or malfunction. However, sometimes it may even indicate a potential fire accident. Large or frequently occurring sparks are usually circuit or outlet problems. If they take place with a pop sound, it means a wire has probably gone loose.

animated-light-bulb-gif-20Flickering Bulbs

Light bulbs generally flicker when they are improperly installed or defective. But at times, the cause of the flickering can also be a faulty fixture, loose connections or malfunctioning wiring in the circuit breaker box. If not addressed on time, it can lead to a bigger problem later on.

circuit-breaker-issuesCircuit Breaker Issues

Although the job of circuit breakers is to trip, they can also get tripped if they are really old. Occasional tripping are merely indicators of simple overloads, and not anything too serious. However, if your circuit breakers trip very often, then you ought to take the matter seriously.

ceiling-fixtures-hot-to-touchCeiling Fixtures Hot To Touch

Inspect the areas of the ceiling around light fixtures to see whether they are getting warm or not. Installing bulbs of wattage higher than what can be tolerated by their fixture may lead to fire accidents due to excessive heat buildup.

In case you encounter any of these signs, find a reputed electrician in your locality and ask them to come & take a look.

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