Why Do Lights Flicker?

flickering lights

Flickering lights are quite a common electrical issue that may occur due to a number of reasons. It is important for an individual to know about the reasons in detail before starting to take any action for getting the problem resolved. Whether it is a single bulb that flickers in one room or the lighting of the entire house, determining the cause of it is essential.

Let’s take a look at different scenarios of flickering lights and their causes:

One Flickering Bulb
In case only one bulb is flickering within a section of a house or office, be it a sole fixture or part of a whole set, the cause of it can be a mere handful of minor issues. Maybe the bulb has not been set inside the fixture properly, and simply removing the bulb and then re-installing it back in place can help to stop the flickering. However, if that does not solve the problem, then probably the bulb is nearing its end and needs to be replaced with a new one. Sometimes, even a faulty switch or loose connection can be responsible. In that case, one must get in touch with a firm providing electrical services in Craigieburn to have the issue fixed.

The Entire Lighting Flickers
If all the lights within a place are flickering, the cause is something more problematic than a mere faulty switch or an improperly installed bulb. When the issue begins occurring on a regular basis, calling in a good electrician  to fix the flickering lights can be one’s best bet. This is because only a professional would be able to detect the root cause for the problem and solve any major issue like power fluctuations.

Lights Flickering Temporarily
Fluorescent bulbs generally flicker as soon as they are switched on, but it goes away after a few seconds. In case the flickering continues temporarily beyond that, the first thing one should do is check the light to see whether it has been properly set within the fixture or not. If that does not work out, then requesting a local electrician to come and take a look at the problem would be more prudent.

Although flickering lights are not dangerous for a household or commercial premise, they should still not be ignored and resolved as soon as possible. This is because the causes responsible for them also consist of major issues that can magnify with passage of time and necessitate expensive repairs.

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