Advantages Of Having A Walk-In Bathtub

Walk-In Bathtub

Many of you might have seen walk in bathtubs in movies and soap operas. These elegant and versatile units seem very comfortable and charming, but do they have any real benefits? Of course. They do. Let’s take a look at the real perks of owning a walk in bathtub:

Great For Those With Restricted Mobility
Owning a walk in bathtub would be great for you in case you suffer from compromised mobility. Entering and leaving it is very easy due to its low entry threshold. All you need to do is walk inside and then sit down in a relaxed manner. A door on the outside makes it easy to enjoy safe bathing even for people in wheelchairs. Besides that, walk in bathtubs suppliers in Australia generally offer products fitted with safety rails.

Has Provisions For Hydrotherapy System
Most walk in bathtubs are equipped with features to allow for installation of hydrotherapy systems which can ease away pains and body aches. Buying one can be excellent if you are troubled by fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatism, etc. The warm stream of water can help to relax tight muscles and initiate the production of natural painkillers within the body, endorphins.

Reduces Risk Slips & Falls
It is quite common among senior citizens to slip and fall while trying to climb inside a traditional bath. And the treatment costs for injuries sustained in these kind of accidents is high. Owning a walk in bathtub can reduce the chances of an elderly person to have slippage accidents and allow them to enjoy comfortable bathing. Besides that, it would prevent the aged person from getting stuck inside the tub, which is also a common issue.

A Rewarding Experience
Buying a walk in bathtub, even if you are not disabled or don’t have an elderly person at home, can be a rewarding experience in its own right. First of all, it would be a wonderful addition to your bathroom space. Secondly, you will be able to enjoy convenient baths without worrying about the dangers of slipping accidents. Thirdly, guests and relatives staying over at your place occasionally would love the level of comfort offered by your bathroom.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a walk in bathtub now to modify your bathing space, enjoy comfortable and private hydrotherapy sessions and ensure the safety of your old folks.

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