A Brief Guide to Australia’s East Coast For The Backpackers

Australia's East Coast

Australia’s East Coast

As a backpacker, there ain’t any way you are not going to love exploring different places of The East Coast of Australia. It will approximately take 28 to 30 hours of non-stop driving to travel along the coastline between Sydney and Cairns. The most popular destinations for travellers here include Fraser Island, Cape Tribulation and The Whitsundays. It is generally recommended to spend at least 2 days exploring and experiencing the places. On the other hand, 4 to 5 weeks is enough time to survey each and every place comfortably.

One of the perfect ways to get around the East Coast is travelling by public buses. Premier and Greyhound bus-lines offer special and friendly backpacker passes that can be open dated and permit hop off and on travel. Both of the bus-lines have stoppages in all the popular tourist destinations and provide a minimum of one departure every day. One will probably find these public buses safe and are used mainly by traveller groups.

Australia is among the top backpacking friendly countries. There are lots of accommodation options offered here and each of them are located at the major tourist destinations. For example, one can accommodate in hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast lodges, guest houses and son on. Apartments accommodation has also became a popular staying choice among many backpackers.

Melbourne is among the top tourist destinations and also the cultural, musical and artistic capital of Australia. The city is filled with graffitis, live music, good coffee and so on. When in Melbourne, it is generally recommended to stay in St Kilda, the city’s alternative beach-side suburb. The place is just 10 to 12 minutes away via tram from the city. Being an alternative suburb, the place is dotted numerous cafes, bars and markets.

On the East Coast also lies Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. There are ferries that depart from Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. There are also lots of attractions that one can find in Fraser Island including whale watching tours, sand blows, walking trails, eucalyptus forests, etc.

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay

All backpackers visiting Australia never miss any chance to take pictures of 3 spots – Fraser Island, The Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Whitsunday Islands. Whitsunday Islands are easily accessible from a tiny beach-side town known as Airlie Beach. Backpackers generally love to experience the crazy night-life of this small town.

Apart from all the above stated destinations, there are many other places that one can explore while visiting the East Coast of Australia. So start packing your bags and get ready to explore this beautiful and adventurous holiday destination for backpackers.


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