Different Scissors Used For Sewing

ScissorsEvery sewing project requires a pair of scissors that help in streamlining the different steps involved. You might have seen how sewing guides usually suggest having two high quality pairs, but most professionals end up collecting a boxful due to the availability of so many different models in the market. However, different scissors meant to be used for sewing have different functions. Let’s have a look at some common scissors used by professional tailors and dress makers in Bristol:

Pinking Shears

These are generally used for making a zig-zag cut that actually minimises unravelling and fraying often occurring on incomplete edges of woven cloth. Pinking shears essentially create a serrated, saw-like cut which lays flat upon pressing the seam. They also come in handy for making the decorative edges of ribbons as well as other fabrics that do not fray.

Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are a pair of blades as small as the palm ideally used to cut stray threads, ribbon and string at the time of sewing. They are specifically designed for needlework like embroidery. Due to their lightweight, they slip over fingers easily and make extremely precise small & quick cuts. Their sharp blades are also perfect for buttonholes or applique work.

Fabric Shears

Fabric shears generally come in two types – 10-inch versions suitable for tailors and 8-inch variants appropriate for dress makers. They are usually required for cutting on double or single fabric layers. However, they can also make cuts longer than that of standard scissors. Besides that, they usually sport a handle with an angled design to make it easier for cutting smoothly even along a flat surface. However, they are never to be used for cutting paper or some item. This is because it would nick or dull its blade and cause a fabric to snag.

Besides the above mentioned primary scissors, there are also speciality shears designed for accomplishing specific tasks. For example, rotary cutters help in ensuring a straight slice over a significant amount of fabric. Buttonhole scissors generally have a small space between their hinge and the shorter blade. They are used to cut and turn the fabric of buttonholes safely. There are also applique scissors having a duck-billed blade for lifting and supporting the fabric while trimming appliques. These speciality options are often used more frequently by experienced professionals to achieve more precision while making bespoke dresses as per client specifications.

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