Top Indian Foods In Canada For Health Conscious Individuals

Top Indian Foods In Canada

There are many amongst us in Canada who want to stay fit, but just cannot seem to develop a liking for oats or cornflakes. Such people often tend to worry about what they should eat that would taste good as well as help to keep a check on their calorie intake. But not many of them are aware of the fact that many Indian spices and foods can aid them to do so. Not only Indian delicacies flavourful and tasty, but can also provide a wide range of health benefits.

Given below are some staples of the Indian cuisine that health conscious individuals can try at the best restaurants in Vancouver, Canada to keep their waistlines slim and trim:

Roti:  Roti is a type of North Indian bread prepared using flour or multigrain atta. The ingredients are rich sources of fibre and carbohydrates, which makes roti good for the stomach as well as staying active. It is an ideal solution for tackling weight gain and other health issues.

Curries: Indian curries have gained quite a fame for themselves all across the globe because of their texture and spiciness. The ones cooked using whole spices and less oil also have several health benefits associated with them. They are a slap on face of myths claiming that Indian meals cannot be tasty and healthy at the same time.

Rice: Rice is one of the staple foods of Indians, and also a rich source of fibres. When supplemented with rotis, they can ideally provide a balanced amount of fibres and carbohydrates. In that way, one can have taste as well as health from the same platter.

Paneer: Paneer is regarded as chicken by vegans, and its softness & taste makes it likeable to young as well as old food enthusiasts. Being manufactured from milk, paneer has a rich calcium and protein content. Studies have also revealed that paneer can prevent osteoporosis.

Curd or Indian Yoghurt: Curd is another Indian food made from milk that has been proven to be extremely good for health. Manufactured from fermented milk containing certain bacteria, curd can help those who suffer from obesity and digestion problems. It is also used as an ingredient in many dishes for imparting a creamy texture.

Thus, there are so many healthy Indian foods that one can have in Canada. All one needs to do is find a restaurant in Vancouver serving best Indian food and enjoy a hearty & healthy meal with family or friends.


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