Family-Friendly Indian Foods That Canadians Love


Canadians, especially the ones living in Vancouver and around the Commercial Drive area, love to try exotic food items every now and then. It can be anything – Chinese, Italian, Russian, Mexican or Indian. And restaurants serving specialties of each can be found in abundance anywhere within Canada. If you are a citizen of Canada, live around the area of Commercial Drive and a passionate foodie, why not try something new this weekend?

Perhaps something Indian, in case you have never had anything from that cuisine before!

Here are some popular family-friendly dishes that you would love to grab a bite of at any Indian restaurant in Vancouver:

Tandoori Chicken:
This dish delightfully features half chicken that is marinated in Punjabi spice blend and yoghurt. Cooked in tandoori ovens, Tandoori Chicken is one of those mouthwatering specialties of Indian cuisine that would leave you wanting more.

Lamb Korma:
A richly flavored curry from the Northern parts of India, Lamb Korma is yet another delicacy from the ‘land of spices’. This carefully prepared dish consists of tender lamb pieces cooked in cashew nut gravy, raisins and flavors. The curry is generally thick with cream and coconut.

Butter Chicken:
If there is one thing that Indian cuisine can never run out, it is dishes prepared with chicken. And the classic Butter Chicken is one of them. It includes creamy sauce infused with tomato marinade, fenuGreek leaves and traces of coconut along with excellently marinated boneless chicken, everything cooked to unforgettably rich perfection.

Vegetable Samosa:
If you are a vegan, do not be upset because Indian food has surprises for you as well. Try vegetable samosas, which essentially crispy pockets containing a tender medley of herbs, potatoes, spices and green peas. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Wait till you savour it along with mint chutney.

Indian Breads:
And if you are curious about how breads of this world-famous cuisine taste, then get ready to confront a list of endless choices. There is the Garlic & Basil naan, a fresh tandoori baked bread stuffed with roasted basil and garlic. You can also check out the Cilantro & Onion naan. After having both of them, if you are still hungry for more, Potato naan and Butter naan will be waiting on the list for you to order.

So have fun trying exotic dishes from the Indian cuisine  this weekend with your family, friends or loved ones.

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