Different Types Of Marketing Strategies

There are different kinds of marketing strategies. Here only seven kinds of strategies have been mentioned.

Word-of-mouth Marketing : When an information about a product or service is passed from one person to another by oral communication, it is called word-of-mouth marketing. If a customers loves a brand or product, he or she feels excited to share with the world the experience that she or he had with the brand. Modern marketers very well know how to create genuine word-of-mouth for their companies and the products that they represent.

relationship marketing
Relationship Marketing : There are a lot of companies whose main aim is to build relationships with their clients instead of trying to sell them their products or services. They think that when customers will start loving their brand they will automatically spend more money with it.

online marketing
Online Marketing : From those irritating pop ups to online banners, online marketers have made all kinds of attempts to get the attention of their customers. In the recent times with the emergence of the World Wide Web, this form of marketing has become all the more popular.

mobile marketing
Email and Mobile Marketing : The moment people became savvy with the online world, the internet marketers started to organise and send emails to their potential prospects in form of email marketing. Many businesses depended on email marketing as their main way of getting connected to their customers even a few years before mobile marketing became the limelight. Nowadays mobile marketing has become more popular and an easy way to reach customers.

Promotional Marketing : This is a marketing strategy that’s designed to stimulate a customer to take action towards a buying decision. It includes various incentives to buy. Coupons are often offered and contests are commonly held in promotional marketing. Promotional materials like custom printed t-shirts and polos, jackets, bags and backpacks are even offered as freebies in different events and programmes to influence the consumer to make a purchase.

social media marketing
Social Media Marketing : Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become very popular these days. Millions of people are using it and so marketers have also attempted to promote their goods and service via these networking sites. Through these networking sites, marketers are making people aware of their brand, conversing with their target audience and even turning prospects into potential buyers.

Tele-marketing : Tele-marketing is an important part of selling your products to your consumers. This mustn’t be overlooked as there are a number of companies who rely on it to get connected with their customers. It is a method of direct marketing in which a sales personnel solicits a prospective customer to buy products/services over phone. Although it has come under fire in the recent years it is considered as an annoyance by a lot of people.


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