Advantages Of Using LED Panels In Photography

LED lighting pannels

For quite some time, LEDs have been quickly replacing fluorescent and tungsten lights and are projected to do so for the next few decades. This is largely due to the ability of LEDs to provide the same lighting by using less energy. Besides that, they are also very effective when it comes to controlling colour temperature of lighting systems. It is one of the main reasons why LED light panels are gaining prominence in the field of photography and videography.

LEDs have made it possible to place the light source close to a subject needed to be photographed. They can be used instead of flash for obtaining a view of how the outcome would be like. Moreover, they will also reflect changes in the intensity and position of the light almost immediately. One does not need to worry about the person feeling uncomfortable because of heat from the light, in case the subject is a human being.

Smaller LED panels are generally conceived in such a way that they can be mounted together for creating bigger panels. They feature a rectangular box with a series of bulbs on one side along with an controls and battery compartment on the back. As a result, they enable indie videographers and photographers alone or with very little assistance. Professionals can easily purchase small panels from the market and use them for preparing bigger light sources according to their requirements. Bigger panels, which provide variable adjustment of beam angle, can also offer a wide panoply of tools associated with light control in photography and cinematography.

LED panels can provide continuous light, which make them easy to set up and also analyse what an image will look like, whether it is a video sequence or a single shot. And since they are very portable, they can be used for outdoor projects involving nature photography or portraiture. In addition to that, they also come with various controls, such as those for adjusting colour balance, switching between flood and spot configurations, and so on.

Initially, LED panels used to be expensive enough for making buyers think a hundred times before purchasing the lights. But now, due to evolution of technology, they can be obtained at fair prices and that too, in good quality. As such, they have become commonly preferred sources of light in photography and cinematography. Some professionals are even of the opinion that LED lights will put an end to the use of flash altogether in future.

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