Tips For Decorating A Room With Wallpaper

Self adhesive wallpaper

Wallpapers have been in existence for several centuries now. They generally serve the purpose of brightening up and finishing living spaces. They come in different types as well as wide range of colour, texture and style options in UK. The job of decorating a room using wallpapers involves several tasks – buying a suitable product, prepping the walls and ensuring a clean completion. Let’s have a look at those different procedures in detail:

Purchasing The Main Product :

Before going to the market for buying a wallpaper, it is important to measure total area of the surfaces that need to be decorated. While at the store, this area will have to divided by that of each wallpaper roll. The resulting figure is the total number of rolls that will be required for the project.

The buyer will also come across several options that they can choose from, such as embossed, textile-based and self adhesive removal wallpaper in UK. He or she must decide which one would be more easier for him or her to work with. The choice will also depend on decor of the room requiring embellishment. For example, an option with horizontal patterns can impart an enlarged appearance to an otherwise skinny and tall room.

self adhesive wallpaper

Prepping The Walls :

Once the right product has been purchased, it is important to prepare the surfaces of the room. The panels of all electrical outlets must be removed for ensuring a clean installation. The switches and outlets can be covered with small tape pieces for added protection. In case the wallpaper that has been bought does not have a pre-applied adhesive backing and requires usage of additional glue & water, the electricity should be turned off to reduce chances of electrocution. The walls must be cleaned thoroughly using a solution of water and bleach.

self adhesive wallpaper
Completing The Job :

The final step of the job is to install the wallpaper. If the purchased product is self adhesive, it can be installed simply by removing the protective back covering and placing the material on the surface. This is one of the reasons why self-adhesive wallpapers are better than traditional ones . For those using an embossed or textile-based product, it will be necessary to use water and glue. After installation, the seams must be pressed with a seam roller. However, one must avoid exerting excessive pressure to prevent adhesive or glue present underneath from getting squeezed out.

Though decorating a room with wallpapers may seem overwhelming in the beginning, the task can be a lot easier if the right procedures are followed.

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