What Is It Like To Be A Security Guard?

What Is It Like To Be A Security Guard
In most states of Australia, particularly Queensland, security guards have a very important role to play in ensuring protection of people, assets and buildings. Some of them work during the day, while others work in night shifts. Those having to do the latter are generally entrusted with security of a building at night. Other responsibilities may encompass inspection of the doors to ensure that they are locked properly, emergency exits, motor rooms, etc. In addition to all of that, the guard must also keep an eye on the live footage being captured CCTV cameras for surveying the entire area throughout the night.

A typical day shift of a security guard in Australia can include taking care of the delivery dock underneath the building, checking whether a car has been parked for a long time or it is delivering goods to the mailroom, and so on. Alternatively, the guard can also work at concierge desk within the lobby, to ensure safety of the ground level, directing visitors to right floors and reporting unusual happenings. Those appointed for sitting inside the office itself may be in charge of general alarms, fire alarms, giving access (cards & keys) to right people and security cameras.

According to most professionals working in this field, the best thing about being a security guard is that one gets to work for different kinds of organisations and gains a lot of experience in various commercial sectors. Besides that, one also comes across influential individuals having quite a pull in the industries. However, it gets really unexciting when there are long day or night shifts and not much is required to be done.

There are several companies that deal with security guard hire in Brisbane. For pursuing a career in the field of security services, an individual has to be physically as well as mentally strong. He or she must not talk impolitely even to people with a harsh demeanour. Greeting visitors with a smile and listening to issues carefully are two of the most important things that a security guard must always do.

Working as a security guard often requires one to handle huge responsibilities. But there are people who just jump into the realm without having a sound idea of the duties they must perform. For example, securing the perimeter of a property via patrolling is a vital task but some professionals do not seem to have much knowledge about it. One should be careful enough so as to not make these mistakes while working as a security guard.


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