How To Replace Stolen Or Lost Car Keys?

Lost car keys

One of the most irritating things that can happen to you in your day-to-day life is loss of your car keys, especially while travelling. It can take place primarily due to two reasons: car keys can either get misplaced or stolen intentionally by someone. But the matter can be handled properly if the actual procedures are known to you.

Note down the VIN (Verification Identification Number) of your car. Have information about the model, year and make of your vehicle ready in hand. Once all the information has been collected, you can resort to any one of the options that have been stated below. Have a look:


1. Call a locksmith: If you really need to replace your car keys then hiring a car locksmith in Sydney may be the best option for you. Many of the locksmith companies have corresponding machineries to issue duplicate keys for you. Try to appoint a reputed company who has a good amount of knowledge and experience in the field. Opting for a cheap service provider may cause you to incur more unnecessary expenses in future.

Car Keys online2. Online Key Replacement: You have an option to order your replacement key online too. Companies providing these type of services are able to cut keys based on the VIN number of a car. Once you have keys, you can program it to your car without calling a technician. Reprogramming generally involves opening & closing the doors or/and turning lights & other electronics off and on. You will get all the basic instructions that are required with the new keys. You can also refer to the owner’s manual guide.

Online key replacement service is one of the cheapest ways to repair or replace your car keys but finding a qualified professional for doing this task is not an easy one.

local dealer3. Call a local dealership: A dealership may have the right machineries to make new keys for you. However the total cost of repairing the keys would depend on the model, year, make and type of keys. If you have an anti theft transponder key, the dealer will attach a machine to the car’s immobilizer and will delete the old key information. Further they will re-program a new one with a new coding information.

Thus there are a number of ways you can opt to for getting replacement of lost or stolen car keys. But you must be careful enough to not lose them in the first place.


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