Why Melburnian Cafes Are The Best?

Many people who do not live and have not been in Melbourne but somehow got to know about the coffee culture of Australia  based around the city, often ask one question –

‘what is so special about cafes in Melbourne?’

melbourn cafe

Image: Says.Com

Some travellers and food connoisseurs who have been intrigued by the gossip for a long time decided to find an answer. After spending some time lounging at renowned Melburnian cafes, they drew the following conclusions:

Filter Brews:
Most cafes located in Melbourne have taken to batch brewer, which means everyone gets to enjoy filter coffee without asking for it. They have successfully tapped the appealing flavours of filter brew for achieving a celebrity status among regular consumers. They can now offer fruit without acidity in their java cups, which may be easily enjoyed with breakfast too.

Prize Winning Baristas:Coffe beans online Australia-Add
This reason seems to be the most legitimate one for explaining the fame of Melburnian cafes. Many baristas in the city have swapped top positions in world filter brewer championships. Some have even bagged prizes in Australian competitions for multiple consecutive years. This ultimately means champion baristas from the world and Australia work on the coffee available in Melbourne, helping the cafes to earn the credit of being internationally the best.

Extensive Caffeine Culture:
The culture of espresso in Melbourne stretches backto over half a century. Besides that, the coffee here barely tastes anything like that invented in Italy. Unlike Italian pubs which add Robusta beans to their espresso blends, cafes in the capital city of Victoria prefer 100% Arabica. Besides, their cutting edge roasting & brewing methods and use of traditional coffee machines help them to create highly exotic caffeine drinks.


Communal Table:
One of the best things about Melbourne is perhaps the fact that people around here respect each other’s privacy. And this thing is reflected well in their cafes too, where communal tables act as shared spaces for the public to work at their laptop or read a book while having coffee, without getting disturbed. Besides that, people can sit at the communal tables for as long as they want to. The only price that requires to be paid is a cup of brilliant Melburnian coffee.

After getting to know about the wonderful revolutionary essentials that Melburnian cafes are observing, cafes in other nations like USA, UK, France, etc. are trying to follow in the same footsteps. However, there is something entirely unique about coffee in Melbourne that can be expected to remain timeless for a long time.

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