How To Avoid Scam Locksmith Companies?

There are some automotive locksmith companies who alter their names for positioning their companies better in business directories and search engines. Such a shame, isn’t it? But this thing does happen and many unwary customers fall victim to scam automotive locksmith firms. Fortunately, there are certain tips you can follow for avoiding these fake service providers. Some of those tips have been mentioned below:

locksmith scamSearch for Local Companies

The best thing you can do for staying safe from scam automotive locksmith firms is by considering local service providers. Even then you need to be careful. Do not entertain companies who answer calls using clichéd phrases instead of a particular name.

Check & Verify License

After you have contacted a firm and they send one of their professionals for attending your problem, immediately ask to see their license before allowing them to touch your vehicle. This thing has to be done even if your concern is as small as getting replacement for lost car keys in Sydney.

Ask For An Estimate Directly Over The Phone

Obtain an estimate from the representative of the company you are considering for hire after describing your problem to them over the phone. Do not appoint someone who refuses to give an estimate and beats around the bush instead.

Enquire About Extra Costs

Ask about additional or hidden costs for such things as mileage, service call minimums or emergency hours. It is extremely important to be aware of additional service charges of an automotive locksmith company, irrespective of whether they are scam or not.

Beware of Fluctuating Bids

Fluctuating bids is one of the most prominent signs which can tell that an automotive locksmith company is fraud. If the on-site price of the professional is more than what they stated over the phone, do not allow them to proceed with the work.

Do Not Let Them Drill The Lock

A legitimate automotive locksmith will never try to drill or mangle a car lock in anyway as it can cause extensive damages to a vehicle. If the expert you hired to come in and have a look at your car attempts to drill the lock, get rid of them immediately. He or she is no more than a smart fraudster.

If you wish to find the right automotive locksmith service, make sure that you do your research carefully and also follow the above mentioned tips.

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