Benefits of Renting & Buying An Office Coffee Machine?


Coffee machines are one of the most important requisites of any workplace, be it a software development firm or a telecalling company. A refreshing cup of java can provide the much required head start for beginning with the day’s work. Presence of a brewer within the office premises can eliminate the need for workers to slip out in the middle of work just to get their daily dose of caffeine. In fact, office coffee machines are very popular in Melbourne.

However, most employers cannot seem to determine the best option to go with while planning on including a coffee machine at work – renting or buying. It is important to weigh the perks of both before trying to settle with any of them. The ultimate choice, however, would depend largely on circumstances, cash flow and personal preferences.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of renting a commercial coffee machine and buying it:

The best thing about renting a commercial java brewer is the element of convenience, freedom and flexibility it provides. Short or long term coffee machine rental in Melbourne substantially eliminate initial outlay besides allowing companies to regulate their expenditure and preserving cash flow.

Renting a brewer also enables one to pay a certain fixed amount every month without any hidden charges. This can be highly beneficial for businesses that have limited capital, as pre-determined rents help them to budget effectively without incurring the full price upfront.

Renting also allows firms to avoid the hassles of using an obsolete machine. This is because an option for upgrading to the latest model is always available. Most rental companies offer aftercare services with their contracts for keeping the hired equipment up-to-date.

Like renting, the option of buying a commercial coffee machine has got its own pros. The best thing about it is the factor of stability – a one time investment. Once purchased, the equipment entirely becomes a property of the company. No need to pay monthly rents or renew any contract.

The expenses of buying, maintaining and servicing an office coffee machine is almost the same as that of renting alone. This makes the option of buying a worthwhile investment and sometimes, even cheaper. There is no involvement of any binding contract or the need for monitor of monthly repayments or negotiation of rental terms.

As has been stated already, the best option would rely upon the prevailing conditions, cash flow and preferences. Both renting and buying have their own pros and cons. But before selecting any one, it is important to consider the associated factors carefully.

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