Top Places To Enjoy Good Meatballs in Vancouver,BC


Image Credit: Tripadvisorforall

The restaurant culture of Vancouver began sometime during the mid-80s when the famous local chefs started to use fresh and quality ingredients for preparing the delicacies on menu. Today, there are many eateries all throughout the place which meld and innovate distinct elements for delivering an exotic experience of dining out to their guests.

The diverse cuisine of Vancouver offers a variety of mouthwatering options to vegans as well as non-veg lovers. But something that has to be appreciated about the restaurants in this place is their meatballs. This means that if you are a meat lover and visiting Vancouver for the first time, chances are high for you to fall in love with the city.

Now let’s have a look at some eateries to enjoy good meatballs in Vancouver:

Siddhartha’s Kitchen – Claiming to be the best restaurant in Commercial Drive, Siddhartha’s Kitchen features a spacious setting complemented with zen-inspired decor for its guests to dine out. Their meatball dish is prepared by blending chicken with various fresh herbs and spices, and cooked to have a small paneer filled centre. The paneer filling gives some balance to the taste delivered by the slightly dense lean meat. The meatballs are accompanied by a subtle and delicious sauce of butter chicken. The dish goes really well with tandoori chicken drumsticks as appetisers and Cardamom drink, Mango Lassi or Rosewater drink for refreshment.

Siddharthas Kitchen menu Vancouver

U & I Thai–  As the name suggests, U & Thai is a Thai restaurant situated in the Cambie Village area of Vancouver. The handmade meatball offered by them includes half pork, half beef, and various unique Thai aromatics like lemongrass, ginger and basil. The tasty delicacies are served on a small heap of thick rice noodles. According to the chef, the dish is an amalgamation of traditional Thai and western methods.

Pronto– Situated right across the street from U & I Thai is Pronto, a local Italian restaurant which serves traditional dishes straight out of the Italian cuisine. Here, the meatballs are cooked using a recipe, which was invented by the grandmother of the owner in Naples, Italy. The main ingredients include beef, veal and pork, which are seasoned minimally and have a velvety and delicate texture. The best thing about this dish is that the seasonings used do not suppress natural flavours of the meat products.

So if you are planning to visit Vancouver soon, make sure you include these restaurants in your to-do list.


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