Wallpaper Options For Enhancing Bathroom Decor

Picking out wallpaper to put up inside a bathroom can be quite a tough job. This is because the interior of a bathroom almost always stays humid and sometimes, even the walls can get wet. The wallpaper should be made of such a material that can withstand humidity as well as varying temperatures. It must also be easy to maintain, since there are always chances for soap or toothpaste to end up on it.

bathroom wallpaper

Let’s have a look at the different wallpaper options for bathrooms that one can choose from:

Self-Adhesive :

Since self adhesive removal wallpaper is suitable for all types of wall surfaces, it can be used in bathrooms as well. It generally comes in a wide range of colours and patterns. One of its most utilitarian features is that it possesses a self-adhesive backing. Therefore, one just needs to remove the back cover of the wallpaper and press the material against the bathroom wall. It is very easy to install and remove self adhesive wallpapers. Besides that, they are often treated to be resistant against moisture and mildew.

self adhesive

Vinyl Coated

These kind of wallpapers have a protective coating made of either polyvinyl chloride or acrylic vinyl. Below the coating lies the actual material made with paper. Vinyl coated wallpapers have a high resistance to humidity. They do not suffer from edge curls and tears easily, and can therefore be cleaned and scrubbed without any worries. They also have self-adhesive backing and require no external glue for installation. They are ideal for high-traffic areas like the bathroom, and also other places such as kitchen and children’s bedroom.

vinyle coated bathroom wallpaper

Common Wallpapers

Although they are not as common as their name suggests, they are still available in the market with some suppliers. They are manufactured in a plethora of colours and designs. But they do not come with pre-applied adhesive. To install them, one would need to additionally purchase a good quality glue. Moreover, the installation work must be done very carefully because it can be difficult to smooth out trapped air bubbles from underneath once the glue causes the material to stick firmly with the wall. While buying common wallpapers to put up in bathrooms, it is advisable to go for options that have laminate coating for withstanding humidity. There are even choices which can resist mould and mildew growth. However, it may require a little bit of legwork to choose the most suitable one.

commom bathroom wallapaper

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