Some Interesting Facts About The Indian Cuisine


India is a country with a rich culture and tradition. Basically the country is divided into 4 different regions. The cusines of this country varies from region to region based on the climatic and agricultural condition of the states. Generally the Southern part of India uses less oil to prepare their food and most of their dishes are steamed and roasted, besides being grated with coconuts. On the other hand, North India uses large amounts of cream and oil to cook their food. The Eastern part of the country is famous for its sweets and desserts. The Western region incorporates different cooking styles.


Indian food has increased in popularity worldwide because of its dishes exhibit different types of mouthwatering flavours. The use of several different spice produces distinct flavours in Indian food and helps to categorise the dishes as either pungent, tangy, sweet, amalgamating or hot. Spices have various roles to play in the preparatory methods of Indian dishes other than imparting only a flavour to the food. They are also used to heat or cool the body during cold or hot weather. Indian dishes are spicy depending on the region where they are to be cooked. For example, while preparing an Indian cuisine, yogurt (curd) performs a two fold duty as a thick sauce as well as a spice in various Indian dishes.


Along with its culture, tradition and different regions, India  is also a land of many different faiths.  This fact has a huge influence and impact on the cuisine of the nation. Pork and beef are not typically used in preparing India food because porks are prohibited among Muslim and cow is regarded as a sacred animal by those following the Hindu religion. Fishes are commonly consumed in coastal regions such as in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Bengal. On the other side, meat of lambs and poultry are popularly used for preparing many dishes in the plains and mountainous areas.


Bread and Rice:
Northern part of India produces a wide variety of breads. Some of the commonly prepared breads are chapatis, rotis and naans. These famous and tasty breads are easily available in many parts of the world. You would also get quite a number of them in many restaurants offering Indian food in Vancouver. On the other hand, due to having a hot and dry climate, Southern India uses rice-based dishes. The climatic support abundant growth of grains all throughout the region.


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