How Can RFID Technology Improve The Efficiency of Data Centers?

Even today, some data centers still make use of automatic inventories for keeping a track of their servers as well as infrastructure components. Due to that, the IT administrators of such facilities are incognizant about the level of utilization of their infrastructure. But there is one solution that can provide a way to improve both the efficiency and security of data centers. That solution is the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

data center management

In traditional data center management, inventory monitoring is done by recording information in spreadsheets, which can be kept up to date only with manual labor. Not only is this procedure time-consuming and extensive, but also provides limited information about the inventory. With the use of RFID data center management solutions, however, the entire process becomes automatic and helps to detect the status of the inventory without the need for human intervention.

Each individual RFID system consists of transponders (or tags) attached to different types of data center equipment and an interrogator (or transceiver) connected to a computer. When any equipment arrives at or leaves a facility, the interrogator automatically receives an update, which is ultimately transferred to the computer. This allows data center managers to track the assets consistently and have accurate information about their status. For inventory monitoring, employees can even push a small trolley outfitted with RFID scanner around the facility and collect data automatically. Not only will this process save a lot of time, but also help to cut down on capital expenses.

As has been stated by many experts, implementing RFID solutions in data centers can:

  • Improve processes of accounting through audit-proof data of inventory
  • Allow companies to manage lifecycles of equipment pieces better and scale the equipment fleet up and down more efficiently
  • Enhance security by reducing theft of data center components
  • Help to remove redundant assets
  • Enable to locate data tapes, servers and other important items more quickly
  • Improve utilization of assets and eliminate insignificant capital expenditures

Recently, many data centers facilities have leveraged the technology of RFID for managing assets and automating previously manual processes, which has lead to increased productivity and accuracy. Some server manufacturers are even offering equipment pre-embedded with transponder tags. The IT industry is now witnessing a boost in the utilization of the advanced tracking system, because the technology is not only enhancing efficiency, but also helping companies to meet with legal, regulatory and financial obligations associated with asset management and security.


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