Indian Dishes Popular In Canada

For the last few decades, Indian food has been gaining a great amount of popularity in several countries of the Western world. In North American nations like Canada, the number of restaurants serving Indian dishes and delicacies have been growing like wildfire. Some Indian menu items have even managed to become the favorites of thousands of Canadians.

Let’s have a look at some Indian foods that are quite popular in Canada:

NANNaan: A delicacy commonly served at Indian wedding parties and restaurants, Naan is a type of Indian bread prepared using refined white flour inside a Tandoor oven. There are different varieties of Naan. While buttered and plain versions are the most popular, variants such as garlic and basil Naan, onion and cilantro Naan, etc., are also available on the menu of many Indian cuisines in Canada.

Chicken CurryChicken Curry: Not only in Canada, but chicken curry is an extremely famous Indian dish in many other Western countries. People belonging to different ethnicities drool over this spicy and hot dish, the taste of which is practically unbeatable when prepared well. And yet, chicken curry is a very simple dish and also very easy to cook. It tastes best when served with Basmati rice.

dalmakhaniDal Makhani:  No discussion about popularity of Indian food in Canada can be complete without the mention of Dal Makhani. This dish is prepared primarily using whole black gram and butter. Sometimes, red kidney beans are also added for enhancing the taste and flavor. Butter is an active ingredient of this dish, added during and after preparation as garnish in combination with cream. The best way to have Dal Makhani is along with Indian bread & rice.

samosaSamosa: This is yet another Indian food popular in Canada as well as many other North American nations. Samosas are generally prepared by stuffing potatoes, spices and herbs inside pyramid shaped pockets made out of fine flour and then frying them. Although spiced potatoes and herbs are mostly used as fillings for Samosas, some cooks may also use peas or cottage cheese.

gulab jamun
Gulab Jamun:
Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian sweet in Canada. Many reputed restaurants in Canada prepare it by soaking shallow fried cheese balls in sweet rose water. Many people like to have it at the end of their meals as desserts.

Siddhartha’s Kitchen is a popular Indian restaurant in Canada that serves healthy Indian food to countless customers everyday. It is the best Indian restaurant in Vancouver for tasting the delicious Indian delicacies cooked with fresh produce.

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