How to Raise Funds With Custom Apparel?

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Every year, countless organisations and institutions like schools, activity centres, churches and for-profit corporations make various endeavours for raising funds. Many of them organise events, others arrange for campaigns and a few others just request for voluntary contributions. Many even make use of custom apparel to raise funds – however this way of fund raising has gained tremendous popularity and is being utilised as an effective means by a number of organisations.

Now let’s see how different kinds of apparel are being used for fund raising:

Hats For Some Important Cause

If there is a specific cause for which the funds need to be raised, it would be great to use hats for depicting the cause. The hats can then be sold in order to collect money and to gain profit. Nowadays, there are many online portals which facilitate the creation of hats with a professional and customised touch. For non-profit organisations, this can be more than an excellent idea for raising money.

Kids Apparel For A School Fundraiser

Nowadays a lot of schools make special clothes for kids and teenagers and sell them to collect funds for their own co-curricular activities. These schools make sure that the apparel that is made is unique and trendy, and that it appeals to the potential customers – only when all these are done they know that they can sell the product successfully & raise funds.

Polo Shirts

If an organisation is hosting some sports event like golf outing as a charity program, they can make custom polo shirts for commemorating the event. Various relevant details can be printed on the shirts, including name of the event, date, etc. Selling them at the venue can help to raise a significant amount of money.

Custom Clothing For Charity Runs

Custom apparel such as personalised shirts, t-shirts, caps or hats can be raffled off or auctioned during a charity run or other similar event. Charity runs generally have raffles so that they can sell tickets and raffle off prizes received as donations. Customised clothing can be created for depicting the cause supported by the charity run. The apparel can then be given as prizes in raffle or gifted to those taking part in the run. Normally, charity runs may be organised for supporting local people suffering from medical problems or going through hard times. While collecting funds for such a purpose, it is imperative that a meticulous and detailed record of the collected amount be kept. Receipts for expenses must also be preserved for future reference.

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