Different Types of Wedding Bouquets

Wedding is the most special occasion in every individual’s life. To make the occasion even more special, it is always advisable to choose a unique floral bouquet. There are many a florist in Newborough who provides a lot of options for wedding bouquets, some are as follows:

The Posy Bouquet : These bouquets are small and round in shape. These are handy. Posy bouquets basically falls under two categories, one is unstructured, hand tied and loose. On the other hand the other is wired and formal, and can be constructed keeping in mind the ease of holding in one’s hand. Both these styles are quite popular and used widely.
Posy Bouquet 1The Fan Bouquet : As the name suggests, these bouquets come in a fan-shaped structure. The flowers are attached to a lacy fan made of plastic. These were popularly used in the earlier times, say about late 80s. However, brides who prefer a traditional, old fashioned, or a vintage style of wedding can still use a fan bouquet.
fan-bouquetThe Cone Bouquet : The cone bouquet come in a cone-shaped structure. These types of bouquets are best for flower girls and bridesmaids. However, still if the wedding ceremony is kept to be simple but unique, then a cone bouquet can be an ideal choice.

The Scepter Bouquet : These provide a dramatic look on the wedding day. They take the shape of an over-sized wand. The handles of these boutiques are extra long and these are tied up with beautiful ornaments, cording and ribbons. These are suitable for any type of wedding occasion.Scepter bouquet82.jpg

The Basket Bouquet : The flowers are arranged in a basket. The baskets are shaped in a beautiful shallowed structure. Brides usually choose the basket bouquet if they have chosen their wedding venue on a garden like wedding setting. Brides would love to carry these bouquet because they give a unique look to their overall appearance.basket bouquet

Flower Bracelet Bouquet or The Wrist Bouquet : These are unique boutiques that are specially designed for the wrist of the bride. These unique and small floral arrangement allow the bride’s wrist to give a colourful appearance. The flowers are attached on a bracelet shaped base which can be easily worn on the wrist like bracelet. These are the best option for those brides who prefers to keep their hands free.bracelet

The Pomander Bouquet : These are also known as “Kissing Ball”. These are round in shape and are decorated with colourful ribbons. These are often carried by attendants like junior bridesmaids or flower girls. Pomanders can be carried by adult attendants too.pomander Bouquets

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