The Significance of GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking makes use of the Global Positioning System for monitoring and tracking vehicles of a business fleet. Normally, each of the vehicles are fitted with a GPS unit so that their precise location can be tracked at all times. The units can even monitor a plethora of information like speed, routes, idling, and engine shut down and start up.

The information that is received from each of the vehicles gets transmitted to a certain remote user. Remote users are often able to view geographical locations as well as routes of the vehicles, or extract available status reports either through the Internet or with the help of some specialised software. However, these functions may vary with different GPS fleet tracking solutions.

GPS fleet tracking solutions
GPS fleet tracking is popularly used by dispatchers, multiple vehicle managers and business owners for improving expedite dispatching and vehicle routing. In addition to that, the GPS can also be used for tracking undesired driver behaviour, preventing theft, reducing fuel consumption and providing different operational efficiencies. Many businesses have even observed that these cost-cutting perks easily outweigh any expenses for the system.

Another innovative vehicle monitoring system, known as GPS lorry tracking, has been emanating rapidly as an important business equipment in many states of USA. Soon after installing GPS tracking units in their automobiles, lorry and trucks owners realise the vitality of technology in improving and streamlining their whole operation in unimaginable ways. Moreover, fleet owners can know the exact location of each truck with the help of appropriate mapping software. This allows dispatchers to direct drivers effectively to any site. Not only does it cut down on the fuel consumption and reduce truck mileage, but also boosts the number of tasks completed every day. Monitoring the trucks to check their arrival and departure time on a job also helps in providing verifiable and accurate proof of the services offered.

Apart of bringing up the quality of services, GPS fleet tracking can also help to tackle such unwanted acts by drivers like extended idling of a car or truck, tardiness and excessive speeding. Efficient tracking solutions would also help in automating timesheets, so that basic daily information about the drivers can be accessed without depending on manual timesheets, such as when they start work, at what time they take lunch breaks and for how long, when do they stop working, etc.


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