Ladder Safety Measures While Performing Roof Work

Do you often perform do-it-yourself roof maintenance for your house? Then you must be aware about the risk involved while performing the work by using ladder. It is not desirable that you get injured. So, you must take right ladder safety precautions and ensure danger free ladder ride. Here are some important ladder safety measures that you can take while performing DIY roof repair:

ladder safety

Inspect before use

before you use the ladder, make sure you inspect it whether it’s in good condition or not and whether it’s safe to use. Inspect the ladder for defects like missing or broken rungs, rails, safety feet or cleats; stability; structural integrity etc.


It is very important to check the surrounding area for hazards like overhead wires,traffic, uneven or slippery surfaces etc. while setting up the ladder. The area at the base as well as top of the ladder must also be free of obstructions. The surface needs to be firm & level. Wood and metal ladders needs to be kept away from power lines & other kinds of live conductors. The ladder must be positioned at proper angle and secured in the right position. It should be opened fully before climbing. And proper measures needs to be taken to protect teh base of it from any activity, which could bang it. It would be great if you block the premises or guard it while you are working on it.

Climb safely

The first step of safe climbing is choice of proper footwear. Opt for soft-soled boots which provide great traction. To keep control always put your hips within the middle of the vertical ladder rails, otherwise the ladder may toggle. Never work standing or seating on the very top steps of a ladder. Never also climb a bent, damaged or broken ladder and don’t forget to wear a helmet when you are up on the ladders performing a roof work.

Handling of other tools and materials

Do not carry too much materials while riding a ladder, you may fall due to overwork. Bundle up the materials you need to take up and carry them attaching with your body using some hooks or belts. Do not carry them with your hands. After carrying them store the materials close to the roof so that you do not need to travel or strech your body much for getting them while you are on the ladder. If your palms sweat use proper gloves while carrying out the job or else you may fall off from the ladder becuase of slippery hands.

Working at height is risky and dangerous, but if you follow proper rules, it will surely prevent ladder related injury in home or workplace.


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  1. Thanks for sharing ladder safety measures on this blog, These guidelines are really great and very useful.

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