Launch X431 Master IV – Features and Specifications

automotive diagnostic technologies Ireland

Launch X431 Master IV is a brand new creation of LAUNCH, designed using one of the most sophisticated automotive diagnostic technologies in the world, the ‘Open Control Platform for Vehicle’. It has been programmed to perform a variety of functions, including reading DTCs, reading data stream, displaying sensor waveform, coding ECU and performing actuation test. The device comes with 16 PIN connector, which helps to make communication easier with a wide range of cars.

Some of the main features of Launch X431 Master IV are as follows:

  • Structure is highly integrated, with a smartbox, main unit and printer in the same tool
  • Rotatable diagnostic adaptor
  • The bottom and side parts adopt TPU material and rubber cover design for additional protection. Rubber cover makes the tool more industrial and suitable to be used in garage
  • The integrated mini printer is quick, emits less noise, prints in fine quality and convenient for paper replacement
  • Inherits all the diagnosis capabilities of X431
  • Saves times during work by communicating faster with cars
  • Can be used for diagnosing European, Asian and American cars, due to possessing standard hardware
  • Displays data stream powerfully in waveform
  • Has a large LCD screen that facilitates easier operation
  • Integrated DEMO functions allow access to helpful information
  • Supports many different languages, such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Hungary, Greek, Dutch, Turkish & Chinese
  • Easy operation with the help of handwriting input using stylus on large and convenient touch screen
  • Ensures fast updating by using unique method for reading data
  • Embedded with open-platform diagnosis and operation system for making effective diagnosis
  • Complete service after sales so that it can give a long-term service
  • Can work with different types of car batteries using an operating voltage capacity of 24V
  • Software can be upgraded online
  • Can perform diagnosis on different electronic control systems
  • Has a smart and innovative design for extra ease and convenience

Given below are the technical specifications of the device:

Operating System – Linux
Main Unit I/O – Universal parallel port/series port
Memory – 16 M
CF card – 1 G
Power supply – DC 12V/24V
Power – 9W approximately
Screen – 240×320
Dimensions – 198mm x 16mm x 5.5mm
Screen type – LCD touch, with background light
Printer – High speed mini thermal printer
Working Temperature – 15°C to 50°C
Relative Humidity – Less than 90 percent

Both novices and professional mechanics can use Launch X431 Master IV for diagnosing vehicles. But it is important to exercise caution while purchasing this device, because there can be as many suppliers of pirated products as there are authentic retailers in the market. One should check if the seller is a Launch official dealer in Ireland. Using fake products for automotive diagnosis can cause damage to vehicles.

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