Launch X431 Automotive Diagnostic Tools

Launch X431 Automotive Diagnostic ToolsLaunch Technologies is one of the leading international manufacturers as well as suppliers of automotive diagnostic tools and professional garage equipments such as wheel aligners, code readers, lifts, etc. Among the wide range of vehicle scanners developed by this company, the most popular and widespread are the Launch X431 series tools. Some of the highly efficient devices in the series are the Pro, Pro 3, Global Diagnostic Solution and IV. Let’s have a look at the primary features of each.

LAUNCH-X-431-PROLaunch X431 Pro:  Integrated with bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, the Launch X431 Pro is an ideal OBD II scan tool and capable of performing a variety of operations on many different brands of vehicles. The major functions covered by the radius of this device include resetting service lights and electronic parking brake, key coding, VIN recognition and multiple graphing. The tool is highly ergonomic and almost resembles a mobile in appearance.

Launch X431 Pro 3Launch X431 Pro 3: Retaining the features of WiFi and bluetooth connectivity from its predecessor Pro, Pro 3 moves a step forward by incorporating a social network service that allows users to establish connection with a community to get assistance for diagnosis. Besides that, this highly efficient automotive diagnostic tool can perform full diagnosis of the entire system, stream data, provide online technical assistance, clear DTC, and perform coding, programming and resetting functions.

Launch X431 GDSLaunch X431 GDS: The GDS or Global Diagnostic Solution runs on Windows operating system, which makes it unique among the horde of android operated automotive diagnostic tools in the market. One of the most alluring features of these device is that it has been designed to connect with external projectors so that important data may also be displayed on a large screen in resolutions of 800×600 and 1024×768. The major functions of this cutting-edge equipment include reading and clearing fault codes, performing progressive ECU operations, printing reports using an in-built printer and streaming live diagnosis data in numerical or graphical format.

Launch X431 Master IVLaunch X431 Master IV : Last one in the list, this device is integrated with the smartbox, a mini printer and OBDII 16E connector. Besides performing PDA functions, it can also carry out trouble code reading, actuation test and data stream, digital code control and sensor waveform.

All of the above-mentioned devices are extremely user-friendly and can be used by both newbies and professionals. However, one can also take the advantage of Launch X431 training services to know more about the tools.

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