The Role of Music in Our Lives

music is my lifeMusic is one of the greatest creation of mankind. It touches the soul & helps a man to manifest the unspoken desire & humanity in him with empathy. The effect of music actually separates a man from other kinds of animals. It has the capacity of breaking boundaries for uniting people from various backgrounds & cultural heritage.

It draws people from different races and religions and uplifts them emotionally. For this reason, it is used as an instrument of peace when chaos exists between people of various origins and background.

Music even helps human beings to express their feelings with ease. Whether its anger, joy, love, passion or any other kind of feeling, with music everything can be expressed without any difficulty. In fact when there are no words or letters to express the feelings, music acts as the best tool for expressing feelings. It is the perfect way of communicating the word of love. Those who look for a way to reignite passion and love in their relationship should definitely try listening to soft and gentle music together.

It has a therapeutic effect in the life of human beings. That is the reason why therapists and doctors in most cases usually suggest their patients to hear soft music. The impact of music in the heart and the entire being of the person who is not well basically revives hope of happiness, living as well as joy of existence making him or her respond positively to the treatment.

Music has proved to be very engaging in classroom as well. A lot of teachers use it as a tool for memorisation. It also teaches self discipline & time management skills, which is not possible to get from other things. In fact, when an instrument is studied on a daily basis by a child, it keeps him or her focused and off the streets. Rather than running around or causing mischief, children practice musical instruments like Irish accordions, pianos, concertinas, flute or rehearses music with their friends.

No one really knows from where music actually came from. However, there are several theories according to which it is said that music basically pre dates the existence of mankind. In the earlier days, it was mainly used for religious & sacred tribal events, in celebration of victory at war and at burial of the influential figures.

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