Launch X431 GDS – Characteristics and Functions

Launch X431-GDSLaunch X431 Global Diagnostic Solution (GDS) is a latest automotive diagnostic device developed by Launch Tech USA. Created using feedback from clients and sophisticated state-of-the-art technology by engineers at Launch, it is one of the most efficient and powerful tools for automotive diagnosis in the market as of now. One of the best features included in it is the one-click update option which enables updating of the diagnostics unit via built in LAN or WiFi connection. X431 GDS encompasses all the essential OE level functions that can be expected from a high end diagnostic tool such as reading and clearing fault codes, viewing diagnostic data streamed live in graphical or numerical format, carrying out progressive ECU operations and printing out reports with the help of a built in printer.

Following are the technical specifications of X431 GDS:

    • Embedded with standard Windows operating system
    • High definition 7-inch TFT colour touch screen
    • 1GHz 32-bit processor
    • Built in 8GB hard disk space
    • LAN and WiFi connectivity
    • Two USB ports
    • Power Supply – DC14V
    • Appropriate for 12V and 24V vehicles
    • Operating temperature range – 10°C to 55°C

The main features of X431 GDS are as given below:

Network Technology : As mentioned earlier, one of the added advantages of this device is its built in WiFi which allows wireless Internet connection. Besides that, an Ethernet port has also been provided for establishing wired Internet communications to access Internet faster.
Compatible With Projectors: An external projector can be connected to X431 GDS for displaying data on a large screen in resolutions of 1024×768 or 800×600.
Powerful Functions: The tool is well-equipped with various programs such as car trouble diagnosis, analysis of engine ignition, sensor simulation, oscilloscope, etc. for performing significantly stable operations and retrieving highly informative diagnostic reports.
Unique Appearance: The built and appearance of X431 GDS is entirely modern, ergonomic, innovative and unique.
Wide Range Testing: X431 GDS can be used for detecting malfunctions in the electronic system of vehicles from United States, Europe and Asia, making it one of the most versatile automotive testing devices.
Quick Upgrades: The one-click update option is a highly innovative and extremely useful feature, which upgrades the device about a thousand times every year to make sure that all functions are up-to-date.

While purchasing X431 GDS, it is better to locate authentic official dealers of Launch diagnostics in Ireland. Not only will this reduce the chances of ending up paying for a fake product, but also ensure that the unit received is provided with a proper warranty.

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