Web Design Tips for 2015 by Eclick Softwares

eclick WebDesigningThe success of most companies and organizations in the modern marketplace largely depends on the website they run. The website of a company plays a paramount role in providing information about its purpose, services, products, etc. But a website will be an effective vehicle for the progress of the company only if it is designed systematically following an uncomplicated approach. There are certain principles for effective web designing which need to be followed while creating a website. Most of these principles keep evolving in course of time, almost every year, in accordance with the current trends of global digital market.

Here Eclick Softwares discusses some of the common web design trends of 2015:

  • The primary elements of the website should be placed at relevant places so that overall layout of the website remains user-friendly. These elements include Logo of the company, navigation bars, website contents, footer content, etc. The prevalent precedence of elements must be followed to keep the website simple and lucid.
  • The font size of website content should be given importance. It is important to keep the font size of the initial content bigger because it will highlight the topics of the subsequent content. A thin font for the text of the later content is going to give a light look to them.
  • The colours play a great role in website design. It has thus become very important to determine which colour & tone works best for the target audiences of different businesses. Understanding the colour psychology is the most important thing for web designers nowadays. Not understanding which colour fits which audience means they will launch a website, which is going to be a failure.
  • Content dictates design. So, purposeful content should be created because that helps in producing intricate design centered on the site’s core message as well as objectives. Content should be brief and informative and no visual hierarchy can be established.
  • A business website does not need to have all kinds of details pertaining to the company. Instead precise landing pages must be designed for campaigning. A typical landing page must contain a clear-cut customer proposal, a registration form, and link to the complete website.
  • It is important for a website to be optimized in such a way that it can be easily accessed even from mobiles and tablets. Having such a responsive design will fetch more visitors for the website,which in turn will boost digital promotion of the company.
  • A banner may be included on a website either below, above or on sides of the main content of the website. It is undeniably an eye-catching presentation of the website. Having a banner imparts a visualized look to the whole site. Mostly, it is the commerce-related websites that use these banners.

Creativity plays a significant role in enhancing the appearance of a website. Illustrated images, typography, icons, etc. add uniqueness as well as creativity. Use of infographics also help to increase the virality of the website.


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