How to Choose Flowers for Men?

flowerdeliveryPeople often think that flowers being delicate and beautiful, characterise femininity on the whole and therefore, floral gifts should only be given to women. However, with progress of time, this so-called rule is being gradually done away with. Nowadays, women want to pamper men with fresh gifts of flowers and so they are often using the services of florists that offer flower delivery in Churchill. Florists are also coming up with creative floral arrangements that are perfect for the most manly guy.

Even if they don’t admit, most men do love receiving flowers, irrespective of whether they are a friend, son, father or husband. Choosing the perfect flower for a man can be quite simple and you only need to remember a few tips when you are contemplating over the flower choice.

  • When buying flowers for a man, you must consider the occasion or theme of the event. Generally, flowers meant for carrying a message of compassion or apology should be sober in design and colour. Flowers being gifted for cheerful occasions like birthdays, congratulations, Valentine’s day or Father’s day must be more bold and bright in appearance.
  • Men feel attracted towards bold colours and therefore, it is prudent to select flowers in yellow, red, purple, orange and blue in their most solid hues. Some exemplary choices include irises, roses, gerbera daisies and sunflowers. However, you can also choose flowers in soothing and neutral green. The most preferred green flowers for men include carnations and cymbidium orchids.
  • Hunt for flowers that exhibit intriguing shapes. Men greatly appreciate architecture, and flowers with striking and exquisite designs, such as bearded iris, orchids, bird of paradise and lupine, are sure to evoke comments from him.
  • Choose flowers that have a masculine fragrance – earthy, candy, musky, fruity or spicy. Some excellent instances of flowers with musky or spicy scent include lupine, delphinium, certain tulips and flowers, bluebells, and carnations. If you want candy or fruity-scented flowers, go for snap dragons or grape hyacinths. Adding a sprout of eucalyptus, pine, cedar or balsam can impart an evergreen scent of cologne and also a bit of dark green splash to the entire bouquet.
  • Arrangement of flowers that are of a natural, linear, contemporary or linear design are usually the best to gift to men, for they love and cherish simple and less cluttered preparations.

A perfectly chosen floral gift can appropriately compliment the receiver’s personality and also the occasion. Most essentially, he will feel loved and important.

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