Problems Associated With Rural Education in India

Rural Education In India

Most of the people in India still live in villages and so the topic ‘rural education in India’ is of utmost importance. In fact, recently a survey was conducted in rural India, which showed that although a lot of students in villages have started to attend schools, over half of them who are in the fifth standard fail to read a text book of second standard and solve simple mathematical problems. The reason that is cited for this problem is the increasing number of single classroom for educating students from more than one standard.

In some of the rural schools attendance of students and teachers is even declining. There are only some committed teachers and learning materials in schools. There aren’t any proper text book as well.  Most of them are in English and that doesn’t solve the purpose as most of people living in villages either speak in Hindi or in their native language. Moreover, in some government schools there is only one teacher for the school and if the teacher fails to come, then it is a holiday for the students.

Some of the government schools located in rural India are even packed up with students. In such a case, it doesn’t become possible for the teachers to pay complete attention to each student even if they want to help.

There are many government schools but when they are compared to the private ones, quality becomes the main issue. In fact, most of people living in the rural areas of our country have already understood the importance of education and have become aware that this is the only way to eradicate poverty. Thanks to the NGOs for at least making these villagers aware of the importance of formal education in their lives. Providing rural education in India without the help and support of these NGOs would have been an impossible task. However, irrespective of knowing the importance of education in rural India these villagers are still unable to send their children to the private schools because of lack of money. The result is their children end up going to the government schools.

Then again, another problem is that all the villages in India do not have schools. This means the students in order to get education need to go to another nearby village. This usually results in parents not sending their loving daughters to schools leading to failure in getting rural education in the country.


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