A Brief Idea On Subdivision Consent

subdivisions _ bilimoria Consulting ltdSubdivision means to divide the buildings or land into separate parts, each one with a separate certificate of title. Getting a subdivision consent from the Council for any kind of subdivision is a must.

The rules, which control the subdivision are authorized by the RMA 1991 and Local Government Act 2002 and they are basically contained in three main documents:

  • The LTCCP (Long Term Council Community Plan) covering up things like development contribution requirements.

  • The City Plan or on Peninsula, Proposed District Plan, which contains rules covering up things like shape, size, access and frontage.

  • The IDS (Infrastructure Design Standard) covering up the standards for installation of the new works as well as the services.

Before starting any sort of physical work on subdivision, resource content issued under provisions of the RMA 1991 is needed. The consent is called subdivision consent. The reason, subdivision consent is needed is to make sure that:

  • Any kind of adverse effects, which may arise from subdivision are recognized and properly dealt with.

  • All the works as well as services are carried and installed in the terms of IDS of the Council.

  • New allotments are apt for the intended purpose.

While it is possible to undertake a few of the subdivision methods yourself there are a few tasks for which you will need to use the services of subdivision consent consultants in NZ.

There are several steps involved in subdividing a land. Thus it may become a time-consuming task. The simplest of the subdivisions may take 3-4 months for completion while the larger or more complicated ones may take a lot more time. In spite of the fact that there are a few statutory time periods that are associated with subdivision process, the time taken for completing a subdivision rests totally with an applicant.

In fact, if you want to apply for a subdivision, it is always suggested that you first discuss about this with a consultant who is an expert in this field of subdivision before making any application. The professional will be able to tell you whether subdivision will be permitted and whether it will be feasible.


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