Suffering from Depression during Pregnancy? Causes of the Depression

Depression-in-pregnancy-wheeljpgAre you pregnant? Suffering from depression? There are several reasons that cause depression during pregnancy.

Personal/family history of depression: If you have struggled in the past with being depressive, you are likely to become depressed now that you are expecting. Even if you have never experienced depression before but often tend to get low or down during uncertain or stressful times, you may be at the risk of depression during pregnancy.

Relationship difficulties: If you are in a relationship where you aren’t happy with your partner, then this is the time that you may undergo depression. There are many expecting moms in Bondi Junction, New South Wales who show signs of depression during pregnancy. Most of these moms when talking with the counsellors for treating depression have said that the relationships with their husbands aren’t working well. However, at this stage there is even no point in repairing the relation if you are the victim of an abuse.

Fertility treatments:If you experienced a lot of trouble getting pregnant, there are high chances that you have been under too much of stress. Moreover, if you have gone through several fertility procedures, you may still be dealing with its emotional side effects. And now that you are pregnant, it is not unusual to be afraid of losing the baby conceiving whom you have to undergo a lot of sufferings. All of these may make you prone to depression.

Previous miscarriage:If you have lost your baby in past, you may be worrying about its safety this time. And if the pregnancy loss was recent or if you have lost the baby many times in the last few years, you might still not have recovered physically or emotionally then. Moreover, if it is with the fertility treatments then you might be dealing with a lot of health restrictions leading to more depression.

Past history of abuse:Women who have survived sexual, emotional, verbal or physical abuse may have a low-esteem, a sense of being helpless or a feeling of isolation. All of these contribute to depression.

Problems with pregnancy:A high-risk or complicated pregnancy may take an emotional toll. The tension of having to bear difficult processes combined with fear about the well-being of a baby is also the reason of depression. Likewise, not continuing to work or do other things that you are used to do can even make it harder to maintain your emotional balance.


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