Know the Meanings of Flowers before Gifting a Valentine’s Bouquet

valentines day flowers _ Flowers in the ValleyPlanning to make 14th February a special one? This Valentine’s Day, you can go with your choice and order a bouquet that consists of a dozen of long-stemmed red roses for your special someone. Or else you can also do a bit of research work and pick a flower, which you think will convey your feelings in the best possible way.

The meanings of many blooms that we love basically date back to the Victorian times. At those days, people generally used to convey their feelings through the symbols instead of the words. In fact, flowers played a big role that time. Although some of the meanings have definitely evolved with passage of time still we relate a few blooms with some particular sentiments and this is probably the reason why some of the flowers are eternally popular despite their seasonal availability or price.

Red rose is the most popular Valentine’s Day flower. It represents romance and love. It is a powerful symbol that has been used by many cultures of the world. So, if you have plans of buying a bouquet of red roses, make sure to stand behind its strong sentiment. Pink roses also represent love but they are less intense than the burning passion that’s implied by a bouquet of red roses. It is a good choice to begin anew relationship with a bunch of pink roses. But don’t give white roses to your beloved on this Day. They were used before by people as a symbol of true love. However, now this color is overtaken by pink. So, I guess pink would definitely be a better choice anyway if it’s not red.

According to the florist in Latrobe Valley, Flowers in the Valley, the meaning of flowers can also be known by the number of blooms that a person receives on Valentine’s Day. A single rose represents complete devotion whereas two intertwined gives a strong hint of marriage proposal. Half-dozen roses represent the need to be cherished or loved and thirteen roses tell the receiver that she has a secret admirer.

The flower experts also suggests to go with blooms that is in season in mid of February. For most of Australians that includes orchids, carnations, red tulips, mums and Gerber daisies. Gerber daisies have become popular in the recent years with their cheery colors. They are a great option for a friend on 14th February. Orchids are also delicate blooms. And when it comes to mums, yellow chrysanthemums are a good option for secret admiration. 13 of these are good present if you have a crush. Bronze ones however convey excitement. So, they are a great choice for first date.


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