Should old furniture be reupholstered?

Furniture restoration 2 A lot of people face this kind of situation in their lifetime. They do not know whether to buy a new one and get rid of the old one or reupholster the old furniture whose fabric has already been rippled and luster has been lost. In order to help them find the right answer, here are some factors that the consumers need to consider. They need to keep these things in their mind while deciding whether to buy or reupholster the piece of furniture.

Cost comparison

This is one of the most important things that consumers need to consider. And for doing this in a smooth way, they first need to get in touch with a company that offers the service of furniture upholstery in Sydney and get a quote from them. At least three quotes need to be taken. After the rate is known, the consumers need to visit some stores for knowing the price of the same kind of furniture. If they find the cost of buying a new one is more than reupholstering would be a better idea. But if reupholstering and stuffing the piece is more than buying a new one would be suggested.

Still there have been many consumers who thought of spending more for reupholstering than buying a new one at a much lower price. Most of them were of the opinion that since the furniture had a great sentimental value they were unable to get rid of them. Some even said that the quality of the old one was much better than the one that they thought of buying and so opted to reupholster.

Furniture quality

Nowadays if you plan to buy new furniture, you will hardly get a good quality one. Even if you find a good quality piece, when you try comparing them with the old furniture, you will find the older ones to be much better. The manufacturers have usually lowered their standards in the recent years by using woods that are unsuitable for the furniture frames. They basically assemble the frames with fast drying epoxy and staples in comparison to the older furniture that are built with screws and hardwood. Screws last for long as they don’t loosen easily like staples.

If your old furniture’s frame is strong, don’t think of buying a new one. Just reupholster the chair or sofa or couch and give it a custom look if you want.

Sentimental value and your likings

There might be some antique chairs or recliners in your house that’s deteriorated with worn padding, torn corners, scratches, spots of discoloration and ripped back. If it has sentimental values don’t throw it. Repairing it may cost you a bit but don’t think of that. We have also had many clients who didn’t have any such sentiments associated with the antique furniture but liked it very much because of the comfy factor. Those clients even thought of reupholstering the piece rather than buying a new one.


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