Important Things to Keep In Your Mind During Pregnancy

pregnancy treatments _ Northside AcupuncturePrenatal care is very essential. To ensure that you as well as your baby are healthy, here are some important things for you, which you should keep in your mind.

Make appointments with your doctor quite often

After you get to know that you’re pregnant, you need to make an appointment with your physician. Your first visit will probably be when you are six to eight weeks pregnant. Your doctor may probably start by asking you about your medical history and the feelings that you have been experiencing. You will also be weighed. Your blood pressure will even be taken.

On the first visit, you will have to go through a pelvic examination for checking out the shape and size of your uterus and condition of the cervix. Blood and urine tests samples are going to be taken on fist visit and again when you visit later. Other kinds of tests will also be performed. Sometimes ultrasound will be done for checking out the growth of your baby or figuring out when the baby is due.

How much weight is to be gained during pregnancy?

You should talk to your doctor to know how much weight you must gain. It is different for different woman. However most of the women gain about 25-30 pounds. If it is found that you do not weigh enough during pregnancy, you will need to put best efforts to gain more. Sometimes it is found that some women get overweight during pregnancy. Those women are told to lose some weight.

Is it okay to exercise?

Unless there is any problem detected in pregnancy, you can probably do all the exercises that you did before you were pregnant. Exercise may help ease the discomfort that occurs at the time of pregnancy. Try to exercise at least half an hour every day. Talk to the doctor about the special conditions, which you may have.

According to many women exercising made their labor as well as delivery easier. Swimming and walking are great options. If you haven’t exercised before becoming pregnant, start doing them slowly. But don’t overdo it. Listen to your. If you experience anything abnormal during exercising like chest pain or blurred vision, give a call to your doctor. Drink a lot of water so that you do not get dehydrated.

What to do to feel better?

Women often experience morning sickness, nausea, tiredness or lack of energy or threatened miscarriage during pregnancy. Weekly acupuncture treatments have proved to be quite beneficial during first trimester. Apart from acupuncture, which is a very popular treatment of pregnancy in Northern Beaches, there are also many ways that you can opt for to feel better. For instance, if you often feel tired, take enough test and if possible take daytime nap.

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