What Are Your Responsibilities As a Seller When Selling Fruits and Vegetables in Australia?

Packeged Fruits and VegetablesAre you selling fruit and vegetables in Australia? As a seller, you must make sure you carry out your responsibilities in a proper manner.

When you’re selling vegetable and fruits by weight, you are liable for the accuracy of the measuring instruments. The appliances you use should be of a kind approved by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) in Australia and be made legal for trading purpose. They must be verified as a perfect machine by a servicing licensee before being used. Being registered as zero before use is also important. The instruments are even to be installed properly and appropriately.

Actually in most of the cases, vegetable and fruits are sold by weight and thus the accuracy of the measuring instruments is a must. In only a few limited situations, some pre-packed produce is sold by bunch or number. This is basically allowed when produce that questioned is sold ordinarily by number in marketplace. The NMI may advise you on how a definite kind of produce must be sold.

Make sure you measure the fruit and vegetables that are sold by weight in front of your customers. Your customers who are buying from you should also have the chance to see the process of measuring including readings in the measuring instruments.

Many of you may be using the recycled boxes and cartoons for packing vegetable and fruits. Make sure that the old labels are removed and right labels for quantity as well as the address and name of packer are attached. But if you have pre-packed the articles for sale in trays using a tray sealer or in bags making use of a bag leakage detector and the fruit and vegetables packed is countable and is in a transparent package, there is no need to mark the number on package. This doesn’t mean that the other pre-packed articles shouldn’t be marked.

Make sure all other pre-packed stuffs are marked properly. They must be marked with right measurement-either the number or net weight. The marked weight shouldn’t include weight of the wrapping or packaging. But remember one thing that the size of letters and numbers on net measurement statement must depend on the packaging size.

In addition to net weight, if fruit vegetables packaging is done in random weights, mark each and every pack with price per kg as well as total price. However, there is no need to mark price per kg if you are packing the same stuffs in constant sizes.

If cut vegetable or fruits are wrapped up with lightweight plastic film to prevent them from drying or maintaining hygienic conditions, there is no need to mark them with weight. The article may lose weight over time through dehydration, evaporation or other means. The packer in that case should make allowances for expected losses in measurement while packaging product for entirety of its shelf life.

Checking the health and safety regulations in your territory, council area or state is also important. You must keep this in your mind while selling fruit and vegetables.


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