How Should Couples Solve Relationship Issues?

married couple _ counselling bondi Being in a healthy relationship is a great thing but most of the couples know that maintaining it requires a lot of hard work. Different kinds of problems may be faced by a couple and those issues need to be solved as well as soon as possible. Sometimes solving those issues become a major problem and it is that time that counselling becomes very useful.

There are different kinds of problems that a couple may face in their relationship. The problems may include lack of communication, constant arguing, anxiety, stress, avoiding intimacy, fights, which last for long and inability to resolve the conflicts and so on.

When there is lack of communication between the couple, there is a lack of intimacy. And this problem is one of the most common ones that are present nowadays among the modern couples. Then again, when the partners are often anxious, stressed and arguing with one another constantly, there is a deeper issue, which needs to be understood or realized. Sometimes the fights last for longer, in that case, chances of maintaining a lasting relationship are diminished greatly as well.

Some couples ignore these symptoms. If these are ignored, the problems won’t get solved by themselves. Both of the partners need to communicate and work out their problems. If they don’t do this, chances of maintaining a long lasting and happy relationship becomes difficult. Sometimes, the emotional scars have a deeper impact in maintaining a happy relationship.

Most of the modern couples are bound to experience these issues at one point or another in their lives if they have been together for a long span of time. And facing these problems is not quite unnatural. If you are able to deal with these all by yourself then it is fine. The problem only arises when couples are not able to deal with these situations and they don’t even want to visit a counsellor or psychologist to discuss about the problems.

Couples having these kinds of problems need to understand that relation issues are situations and difficulties, which generally have a negative effect on the long as well as short term success of an intimate relation. They thus need to seek the assistance of a counsellor or psychologist.

I am Jade Couquaux, a psychologist in Bondi Junction, NSW. I work with couples, adults and adolescents. I basically work with women and deal with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, parenting and couples counselling. So, anyone wanting to see me can fix an appointment with me.

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