How to Decorate Your Dining Room – A Guide from Flowers In The Valley

dining room decorated with flowers

Dining room is one of the most important rooms of a home. It is the place where family and friends gather to meals everyday and on special occasions. The décor must thus set our mood that contributes to healthy living and lifestyle.

Give soft touches: In a room that’s otherwise filled up with hard surfaces, use textiles that add warmth and soften the mood. Start with a carpet for defining the dining area. The carpet you select must extent 2’ from edge of the dining table on all the sides so that back legs of chairs will be on the carpet when guests sit. Upholstered slipcovers or chairs are even great for introducing pattern and color. If you want, you can also refresh your wood chairs with soft and bright cushions, which are easy to switch out when inspiration strikes. Draperies that compliment the entire décor of the room must be your choice.

Tricks of light: Make use of mirrors for amplifying the natural sunlight by day and creating an illusion of a lot more space around. To get maximum reflection of light, hang a big mirror on the wall across from the window of the dining room. Bring something unique for each and every meal by hanging that chandelier that you have bought online or by hanging the pendant lamp that you have been gifted by your mom over the table’s center. Set up a dimmer switch for creating the perfect dining mood.

Creative settings: A well-dressed table lays a great foundation for a memorable meal. Stock up on serving pieces that are stylish and the ones that are versatile enough to use and reinvent from one occasion to the other. In gatherings, these basics look wonderful displayed on a buffet. After you have these essentials, layer them in creative details, glow of candlelight and natural botanicals. You can even keep fresh flowers in a glass vase that you have brought from a florist in Morwell on your dining table to make the table look more unique. Opt for accents that are available in different organic elements like rustic iron, wood and pure linen for creating a relaxed setting, which has a rich texture.

Style statements: Make the dining space uniquely yours with details, which look attractive. Go for a vibrant color wall or go neutral to put the dramatic artwork or seasonal accents center stage. Mix in the bold artwork as well as the other items, which have a special meaning to you to bring the sense of personal history to the space.

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