Factors to Consider When Buying Upholstery Fabric

Authentic UpholsteryChoosing the right upholstery fabric may seem to be a daunting task for you. But in reality, it is not that tough. You only need to keep a few things in your mind when making your choice in fabric.

Durability:Durability of the fabric is an important thing to consider. So, before buying the fabric keep this thing in mind. If you are buying one for your living room or a place that receives high-traffic, then considering this factor is a must. Check out the abrasion rating of the fabric. A fabric’s abrasion rating is basically the ability of a fabric to withstand surface wear from rubbing. The fabrics that have high abrasion ratings are ideal for furniture, which will be used a lot.

Your fabric’s durability choice will also depend upon who is going to use it. If you have pets in your house, don’t use delicate fabric like silk and a fabric that has plenty of texture. Rather go for leather or microfiber fabric. I live in Northern Beaches and have two dogs in my house and so prefer using pet-friendly upholstery in Sydney. These pet friendly fabrics actually withstand heavy usage. Then there are also woven patterns available. They hold up longer than the printed ones as do the tight weaves and higher thread counts. As a rule, stronger the weave, more durable will the fabric be. Tighter weaves are actually necessary to resist clawing of the pets.

Style: Each kind of fabric has its own style. So, choose the one that will look good on your furniture. It should match with the character and style of the piece it is covering. It must also match well with the theme of the house.

Color: Color is one of the most important things that you should consider and this is one factor that everyone pays attention to when buying the upholstery fabric. So, make sure that the color you choose matches with the walls and other interiors of the house. It should create the right mood and for this to happen you must select the right fabric for creating the right mood. If you have children or pets in your house, avoid using delicate colors. Always go for a color that you can live with happily for long. Sometimes, you may be attracted towards trendy colors. Avoid using them unless you are really fond of them.

Special considerations

  • Check out if your upholstery fabric is fade resistant. This is a must if you want to place it in a room that receives too much of sunlight.
  • Look for a fabric’s mildew resistant if you stay in a humid climate, which fosters mildew.
  • Consider fabric like microfiber for a few allergies as its lint free and doesn’t attract dust.

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