When Should Married Couples Seek the Assistance of a Counsellor?

marriage counsellorNowadays a divorce in relationship has become very common. The challenge in marriage is to be together even after passing through the hurdles. Much like the new cups and plates, which gets scratched from continuous usage, marital relationships may also show wear and tear over the years. That doesn’t mean the cracks are irreparable. Both the partners need to have equal amount of enthusiasm to mend the relationship and seek the assistance of a professional counsellor if needed.

But how would a couple know if they require the assistance of a counsellor? Read this to know about it.

Poor Communication: Jade Couquaux, a professional counsellor in Bondi Junction, NSW, urges couples to look for professional assistance when they are not able to talk about their own problems with one another. According to Jade, “If it is too frightening or annoying to communicate with each other about trivial or big issues, it is the job of the counsellor to help the couple become clear about their problems.”

Reoccurring Issue: A kind of red flag, which can be helped greatly by seeking counselling is an issue, which has been difficult in the relation from start but despite of infinite discussions, never seems to stop. If the same kinds of issues are coming up time and again in disagreements, it’s a sign that they are not being resolved and that the couple has not made any improvements in their relation.

Finances: Couples often find themselves in conflict over money issues. If you think your spouse keeps you in dark about the family finances or tries to control everything related to money, it is then time to consult a counsellor.

Kids: Children are a blessing to a marriage but sometimes they can add a lot of stress as well, particularly if both of you aren’t a united front. Jade suggests seeking counselling if both of you have different opinions about your parenting styles and thus argue frequently about raising your children.

You still have feelings for your spouse: You might have passed a lot of difficult times in your relationship but still have feelings for your spouse and this want to make the things work out for betterment. You might have tried working out but have failed time and again. Considering finding a professional counsellor in your area and seek advice before things escalate or worsen.


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