Some Interesting Facts on Depressions Unique to Women

Women-Depression-Facts-Understanding-Seeking-Help-wwwGood mental health is crucial to the overall health of both women and men. But it has been found out that the rate of depression in women is more than men in Bondi Junction, NSW. In fact, one in every five women in Bondi Junction experience depression and one in every three women experience anxiety disorder in their lifetime. In addition to the major kinds of depression that both men and women suffer from, women even experience typical kinds of depression because of their hormones and special physiology.

Estrogen affects more than three hundred functions in a woman’s body including protecting the heart, regulating the menstrual cycles and maintaining the strong bones. Fluctuating estrogen levels during pregnancy, menstrual cycles and menopause impacts mood and in many cases causes depressive episodes. And in fact these kinds of episodes are being blamed on being moody and regarded as ‘that time of the month’.

Here we have discussed about some interesting facts on the typical kinds of depressions that occur only in women.

  • A lot of women who suffer from postpartum depression are likely to experience it again after giving birth to a child.
  • Suicidal rates in women are highest during perimenopausal years.
  • Research has shown that women’s biology varies from men’s in several ways than it was earlier thought of and these physical differences like serotonin, estrogen, melatonin and cortisol are just clues to why women are so susceptible to depression as well as the special kinds of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  • Women’s fluctuating hormone levels at the time of menstrual cycles, during menopause and after childbirth contribute to different forms of depression that are unique to women such as Postpartum Depression, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Perimenopausal Depression and Premenstrual Syndrome. However, a great news is that research is helping us understand the biological factors that cause depression in women and recognize the different ways of treating and preventing it.
  • A woman can suffer from depression at any point in her life. Just like depression in men, the fundamental cause of gloominess and despair in women is genetics, stress, trauma and a combination of alterations in brain chemistry.
  • Stress plays a big role in causing depression. However, men and women respond in different ways to stress. Women suffer from emotional ailments like eating disorders, anxiety attacks and depression; men act out a lot more aggressively and abuse drugs as well as alcohol.

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