Brochure Printing in Brisbane: 3 Tips to Consider

a4_folded_brochure_designTraditionally small and medium scale firms in Brisbane have always relied on marketing collaterals like catalogues, brochures and other direct promotional tools to reach out to their clients. But businesses of all sizes use this promotional tool for reaching out and influencing their customers. After all, brochures are a kind of leaflet, which are meant to educate the target audience about the company, its products and services. And nicely designed brochures have the potential to gain the interest of buyers as well as convert them into loyal customers.

There are a lot of companies that undertake brochure printing without giving any second thought to the different printing nuances, which generally break or make the final output. But this shouldn’t be done. There are many important brochure printing factors, which need to be kept in mind other than the design aspect to make it look great. Have a look at them:

Using the right paper:
This is one of the most important things, which the brochure printing companies in Brisbane must keep in their mind. There are mainly two kinds of stock papers that are available in the market for brochure printing. One is 80lb and the other one is 100lb. Although it is not the choice of the brochure printing companies regarding which paper they will use for the printing, they can at least advice the businesses that opt for 80lb stock paper to go for the other one. 100lb is basically heavier than 80lb and thus using it will make the final print more professional. It may be a bit costly but it can help convince a potential client about the professionalism and reliability of the company.

Opting for the right printing resolution:
We are often inclined towards the images that we see on our computer screen for the brochure layout. But they must not be used. They are of 72dpi whereas the artwork and images must at least be of 300dpi for a great looking brochure. If the image that’s used on the brochure layout is not of proper resolution, it will come out blurry, pixilated or soft. A great looking brochure won’t be the output-washed out images might be the result. Brochure printing companies should suggest the businesses to browse sites that free offer high-resolution images for finding the right image.

Accounting for the print bleed:
The design must allow space beyond the selected page borders. This will help in the cover movement of the paper during the printing process and lessen the inconsistencies in brochure design.


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