6 Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

best-proposal-ideaThe romantic date ideas that have been mentioned below are not the same old ones which we have heard countless number of times. We all know that candlelit dinners and rose petals are lovely but here I have given some ideas, which will take a little bit more effort, creativity or inventiveness. Check them out.

  1. Arrange a picnic: You and your friends can arrange for a picnic if you want a midday date. Consider heading to a local park and carrying blanket, beverages and food along with you. Having her all through the day beside you will be a wonderful experience. You can spend some memorable hours together in the park. Don’t forget to order a bouquet of flowers for her from the florist in Churchill. Presenting her with a lovely flower arrangement on that day will make her feel happy and more special.
  2. Go to a music festival: Couples who have already known each other for some time can try going to a music festival together. In that case, the first thing you will need to do is arrange for the tickets. You would really love seeing your partner in a completely new light when hearing his favorite music band. Moreover, you may even get an opportunity to dance with your date. A dance is in fact a very romantic idea as it’s an excuse to be affectionate in public with your loved one.
  3. Hire a boat: A lot of couples love the idea of heading out on the water together. They find the idea to be a very romantic one. If you too love this idea, then take a scenic route to the closest marina and hire a boat for the entire day. Let the company know that it’s only for a romantic date that you are doing all these things. Knowing this, the rental company may even provide you with some props or ideas to get the date off on right start like offering a romantic dinner for two on the board, stringing up the lights along the deck and so on.
  4. Go for a long walk: It may seem dull but unless you experience it with your loved one, you won’t understand the essence of it. Going for a walk together early in the morning or in evening hand in hand and exploring the scenic spots is something that’s quite romantic. Many of you may even not need any destination because you have one another. Aww.
  5. Look for a fireplace: There is nothing romantic than an evening spent by the fire, sipping wine together. If you don’t have a fireplace at your home, head to a hotel bar to get the same effect.
  6. Play in rain: You definitely cannot plan this in advance. But if it starts raining outside, embrace it and have fun dancing in rain together.

Is there any other romantic date idea in your mind that is a bit different? Feel free to share your thoughts by putting your comments on our ‘comments section’ below.


3 thoughts on “6 Romantic Date Ideas for Couples

  1. I like the idea of spending the day in an amusement park with my loved one. I get time to chat as I wait in the line for the rides, share the cotton candy at the shows and touch one another in the rides.

  2. Beach and romance go together-frolicking on the sand together, putting sunscreen on one another’s back and taking a dip in water. OMG! It’s guaranteed fun and romance.

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