How to Make Your Little Girl’s Birthday Party a Memorable Event?

beautiful_little_girl_with_flowers_and_toys-1920x1080Your little girl may be very excited about the birthday party that you are arranging for her. Make it one of her memorable events. But to make that happen, you need to take special care of a few things. A few years before, I had arranged a birthday party for my little princess. She was just five years old at that time. The party was a grand success. My daughter, her little friends as well as the other guests who were invited to the party very much liked everything that I had especially arranged for them.

Here I am going to share that experience with you. But before I begin let me thank my sister-in-law Stella who helped me a lot to make it a success. Without her I wouldn’t have been able to do what I actually planned for.

I had a theme in my mind. It was a princess birthday party theme. I made the costume for my daughter myself-all in pink, with laces and bows and frills making her look like a princess. I didn’t miss the opportunity of getting the best from what I had been taught in my fashion designing course. However, the shoes, crowns and jewels were bought from an online shop by Stella. Oh let me tell you something here. I even asked the moms of kids who were invited to the party to dress their kids like princess in pink. Believe me, when all these little pinkies were together they looked really adorable.

I invited all my guests with customized invitation cards that I ordered online. The customized princess themed birthday invitation cards had my daughter’s pic on it and I really loved the concept. However, I wanted to let my creative juices flow to make the party extra special. So, what I did apart from decorating the room with balloons, streamers and other accessories to give it a touch of princess room is that I created a unique princess doll cake. I got the idea from Deborah Feltham’s Creative Cakes website.

I couldn’t believe that the cake would taste so awesome. After all, that was the first time that I prepared a cake all by myself. Oh! And how can I forget about the flowers that I ordered from the online florist in Newborough. I purchased flowers from them paying attention to the theme. Since all the streamers and balloons were pink, I ordered pink flowers particularly to give the decoration a more natural look and feel. I also thought presenting my little princess with flowers would be the perfect idea and so I ordered for a keepsake gift as well. She still has the pot in her room where she keeps flowers.

Now let me tell you about the food items that I arranged for. There were sparkling raspberry lemonade, jeweled princess chex mix, sandwiches cut into crown shapes, melons cut into star shapes and princess crown cup cakes. All of them were yummy and the guests really loved them!

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